About Victoria Pearlman and Order Artisan

I often get asked “Why would you want to be a professional organizer?”.

puzzleThe answer is really easy – I really enjoy helping people! I love to make their lives better by doing what I do best – solving the puzzle of their busy life. Despite what you see on the television people generally aren’t hoarders, they’re just busy!

People generally aren’t hoarders, they’re just busy!

I help navigate my clients through their busy life in a non-judgmental, non-confrontational manner by defining their objective and helping them achieve that objective as quickly and calmly as possible.

We all want to be happy!

I’ve always thought of things as puzzles. As a professional organizer I look for patterns within the chaos and lead my clients through their life situation to help them become happy again.

Please let me know how I can help you become happy again!


Victoria Pearlman

Victoria’s Background

Victoria is the mother of two children which has helped her appreciate just how difficult life can be for some people.

She spent 11 years working at The New York Public Library, where she was a Youth Specialist and Branch Librarian. Victoria used the lessons and procedures she learned at the library to help launch her second career as a Professional Organizer and Stager with Order Artisan in 2004.

Victoria’s Affiliations

International Association of Home Staging Professionals Institute for Challenging Disorganization National Association of Professional Organizers