As busy humans in an affluent society we all tend to have way too much “stuff” and not enough time to deal with it. Scheduling time to control the “stuff” is at the crux of what Order Artisan offers under the category of Organizing – also often called Clutter Control.

How would you like to have a clutter-free home? Order Artisan specializes in the following areas to help you simplify your life.

  • Professional Organizing
  • Bills & Paperwork Organization
  • Relocation & Staging
  • Time Management

1. Document Control

We can all get overwhelmed with paper – mail, bill paying, school work, insurance, finances, tax preparation documents, medical documents, etc. Order Artisan puts a system into place on your behalf that helps you get control of your documentation. The strategies we use here can also be extended to control medications and memorabilia.

2. Laundry and Wardrobe Management  

Do you struggle with getting through that mound of clothes on top of the washing machine? Or maybe, you end up wearing the same clothes day in & day out because you can’t find what’s buried in your wardrobe. Let Order Artisan help you take back control with a systematized approach to your laundry.

3. Pantry Management (includes meal and entertainment planning)

Even the most responsible parent can fall into the spaghetti-o’s and chicken nuggets hole with their kids because its easier to manage. Take back control of your pantry and meals planning with some help from Order Artisan. We can also help you with planning a bigger event like a party or special dinner.

4. Storage  

Do you feel as though you are running out space? Often this can be tackled with making the most of the storage space you already have (garage, attic, basement, etc.). In some cases you might need to invest in some off-site storage options. Order Artisan can help with making the right decision for your situation, helping you to get back your space in a timely fashion.

5. Space Planning  

Space planning addresses two separate but related issues: the physical box that is being organized whether its a room or cabinet or closet and then the things in the box – furniture, artwork, clothes, etc. Space planning works on optimizing the available space and creating a better flow through and around the room. Simply stated we can see space planning as putting stuff into a room and then organizing it so we don’t bump into it!

6. Art Management 

Art management also addresses two separate issues: the arrangement and displaying of art in a particular living space and the storage of art that’s not being displayed. Storage of art is very important – the storage containers and the environmental conditions need to be carefully chosen and managed so as not to cause damage.

7. Hobbies   

People love their hobbies but hobbies can quickly become stress points if they’re not organized. We help people with hobbies have more fun and less stress by arranging things in a useful fashion where supplies can be easily and quickly retrieved and returned, ready for the next project. We can assist by creating categories and suggesting storage options to help you get control of the workflow.

Simplify Your Life Today

As your life evolves so should the systems that you are using to organize your life. Order Artisan continually looks, on your behalf, for better methods or different approaches to help you get your life back on track. Call now to schedule a consultation.