Staging is the process of “depersonalizing” and/or “neutralizing” the look of a house that’s being put up for sale in order to allow potential buyers visualize themselves in the home with their own belongings. It’s goal is to broaden the appeal of the home and thus make it easier to sell and, potentially, for a higher price.

StagingThe average time to sell a staged home is 11 days against 90 days for a non-staged home

Order Artisan approaches staging for its clients in a professional manner with the understanding that everyone’s situation is different. Our process to tackle your staging situation is as follows:

  1. Consultation.  Victoria from Order Artisan will meet with you in your home, assess your specific situation and provide a proposal. A written report can be provided with detailed directions on staging your home.
  2. Implementation of Staging Proposal.  Order Artisan will organize and work with a handpicked group of sub-contractors to implement the staging proposal – this might involve moving and/or storage of furniture, freshening up of art and artifacts, painting of rooms, etc. Wherever possible we work with your own furniture but when necessary we have access to rented furniture.

Cheaper to pay staging professional rather than 1st price reduction!

Remember that the goal here is to sell your house as fast as possible for the highest price possible. To do that we have to remove ourselves from the equation – using a staging professional may entail additional expenses up-front, but will ultimately pay for itself if we can avoid even one negotiated price reduction.

Additional benefit of using Order Artisan for your Staging

One additional benefit of using Order Artisan for your staging project is a free listing on – another tool you can use to get your home sold as quickly as possible.

To arrange your Staging Consultation with a professional from Order Artisan please call 917-797-9325 today!

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