Have you ever lost a file within your existing filing system? Or maybe you’ve found a file that’s in the wrong place while looking for the “lost” one? Think about all the wasted time looking for stuff! Its not really a case that a file is lost its just that the way we’ve been programmed to file stuff (normally alphabetically) just isn’t always the best way to store your particular data.

FilingStart with a good filing system

A good filing system is one where anyone can find the right file in the minimum amount of time. This requires a retrieval system that’s logical and makes sense to everyone who might come into contact with the files, not just the one person who uses it the most.

A system can have both physical and electronic components – the physical part deals with the location and storage of physical paperwork while the electronic part deals with the storage files and associated information on your computer or server. The electronic part might also include the creation of a computer database cataloging the physical aspects.

Alphabetical systems are not the only option for filing

What’s very important when building a good filing system is the realization that an alphabet based process is not necessarily the best one – analysis of the actual process often shows that a keyword, numerical or date based system is often what’s needed.

Who can use this service?

We’ve worked with many different types of businesses and helped them with their filing issues. Recent clients have included a photographer, a real estate company and a gas station owner.

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