Time Management

time management

No matter how much work we have on our plates there are still only 24 hours in a day! It’s Order Artisan’s job to help you get the most out of those hours. We do this by helping you figure out what daily activities you’re spending your time on that could in fact be streamlined and/or eliminated. We look at those activities that make you money and work to maximize your productive time while reducing time spent on tasks that are not revenue generating.

clockTime management process

This process can be applied to individuals or teams. When it comes to managing staff we analyze who’s doing what and when. With this collected data in hand we can give you a scheduling plan that works across your team.

Here’s an example of how this process worked for a solo bookkeeper who was concerned that he was at the limits of his available time and thus was unable to take on more clients:

  • Order Artisan analyzed both his client obligations and his admin tasks
  • We determined what tasks he had to do and what tasks could be either eliminated or delegated
  • With this information we mapped out his daily, weekly and monthly schedule¬†– providing him with a “work map”
  • The work map showed him how he was able to fit more clients into his schedule
  • He ended up with “more time” by approaching the issue head-on and then proceeding through it in a logical, productive manner.

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